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In the heart of Jordan, under the golden sun and amidst the whispers of ancient healing arts, Dr. Rawan Maali was born into a world where medicine was not just a profession but a legacy. Her parents, both devoted physicians, surrounded her with tales of healing and compassion, igniting in her a deep-seated passion for the medical field from the tender age of a child.

As Dr. Maali grew, so did her commitment to excellence. Determined and driven, Dr. Maali excelled academically, earning a scholarship to the prestigious University of Jordan Medical School where she delved deeper into the intricate world of medicine with an extraordinary passion for medical and aesthetic dermatology, mentored by some of the country’s most brilliant medical minds.

In 2014, the winds of change blew Dr. Maali to the United States, accompanied by her loving husband, embracing a new chapter in her medical journey. She completed her medical residency at the University of New Mexico and she sought out several extracurricular rotations and opportunities in both medical and aesthetic dermatology, enriching her expertise with every step.

With over a decade of experience as a practicing physician and more than six years specializing in aesthetic procedures, Dr. Maali stands as a respected leader in her field. She is a certified trainer for Prollenium/Revanesse fillers, the exclusive national speaker for Evolus/Jeuveau in New Mexico, and has earned a prestigious Master Expert Injector title from Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm fillers.

What distinguishes Dr. Maali is her unique artistic approach to facial aesthetics. She doesn’t merely see clients; she sees individuals with stories, dreams, and concerns. Each consultation is a journey, where she approaches every patient with a personalized, holistic mindset. For Dr. Maali, the mission is not just about enhancing external beauty; it’s about nurturing inner confidence and self-assurance in every soul she touches. With her steadfast commitment to excellence and an unquenchable passion for helping others discover their true beauty and unlock their full potential, Dr. Maali warmly invites you to embark on a transformative journey at Viva Skin, where your authentic beauty is waiting to be unveiled.